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Ophthamics and Optics :


Optics: Manufacturing of precision optical components lenses and prisms in micro (from 6mm dia onwards ) to macro sizes of customers requirement. Optical flats from optical glass and optical silica at present up to the size of dia 100 mm with corresponding aspect ratio.




Ophthalmics: We manufacture custom ophthalmic lenses to cater to the eye care centres.



R&D work: At present with a grant from the Central Government, research is being done in the prototype making of Fresnel moulds, Fresnel lenses and Fresnel goods. The Fresnel lenses are aimed at solar thermal and solar photovoltaic applications. Our customers know that solar thermal concerns heating appliances in houses, hotels and also for steam generating. Solar photovoltaic concerns electricity for inverters, small and big. We can also manufacture Fresnel lenses for all magnifying purposes. The R&D project on Fresnel lens is at the final stage of testing. Our bench mark products, to start with, are those of China.



Other Services:



Reconditioning: Damaged optical flats from Tool Rooms when fit for reconditioning will be reconditioned.



Replacement: Old or broken optical components in an optical instrument of an R&D Institute may have to be replaced. If the old component or part of the broken component is submitted, replacement may be considered.



Optical Coating: Custom optical components can be designed.


Certification Service: Certification for your optical components can be obtained from recognized certifying institutions. Nirmal Optronics has a good rapport with many teaching and non-teaching institutions involved in optics. Guide lines from these institutions can be obtained to make the component of the customer's choice. In case the components cannot be made, Nirmal Optronics, even in this case, can act as a reseller



Coating Service:Coating work of surfaces of optical components is undertaken.









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