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Achromatic Doublet

Positive Achromatic lens  : (5)

Specification :

Design Wavelength : 587nm  


Diameter                     Surface          Diameter              Center Thickness    Centering      

                       Quality            Tolerance             Tolerance                   Tolerance


10 – 50                       60 – 40             +0.00/-0.10               ±0.2                        ± 5 arc min

Achromatic Lenses consist of two or more elements, usually of crown and flint glass that have been corrected for chromatic aberration with respect to two selected wavelengths. Nirmal Optronics provides achromatic lenses consisting of two elements.  These lenses have considerably reduced not only chromatic aberration but also spherical aberration and coma aberration.

Negative Achromatic Lens  :

















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